Old School PCB Board Painting with Substance Painter

Making Of / 20 July 2018

I'm creating a Sci-Fi electronic equipment with some retro electronic board which I painted with Substance Painter.

Here is a quick timelapse and a render in Octane. More is coming soon friends!


Modeling Commodore 64C Inside Out - Update 3

Making Of / 09 June 2018

Final modeling timelapse which concludes CAD modeling phase. I'm going to complete the project after painting and rendering the product.

Hope to see you soon!

Modeling Commodore 64C Inside Out - Update 2

Making Of / 06 June 2018


Modeling Commodore 64C - Update 1

Making Of / 04 June 2018

Disassembly of my Commodore 64 computer.

Board map I grabbed from an FTP by google image search.

Simple parametric chip design to use on main board:

Modeling Timelapse 02:

Current modeling status:


Bonus: Strange capacitors!


Modeling Commodore 64C

General / 02 June 2018

I'm modeling my old Commdore 64C product wih all inner details. Here is the first part of modeling.

I completed 2 main plastic covers and buttons. I started to the board and 15 percent is done.

Modeling QuickJoy II Turbo (SV-124) Joystick - Update 1

Making Of / 23 May 2018

This video shows some plastic details of the model created so far. Hope you like it.

Modeling QuickJoy II Turbo (SV-124) Joystick

Making Of / 21 May 2018

This is my first and favorite joystick back old Commodore 64 days.

I'm going to measure, model and render this product by all details inside and out, like plastic molding-wise details and assemblying, electronic boards, cables and mechanical micro switches. 

Photo of the product:


Daggerfall Fan Art - Finalization

General / 31 January 2018

Well, 25 days passed after the first entry of this project.

I think this was the most complicated scene I created in a way of texturing and modeling. But most important than that, this was "the" project that make me feel like "now I'm free" when I completed. Not because of tiring, because I wanted badly to do something about Daggerfall by using my expertise on the CG field for a way long time. And I'm very happy about the result that I can no longer have that need for now (not sure if it recur). It is the ultimate satisfaction for me about this kind of inspirations. 

Anyway, this project was great excercise for me to achieve some results with different softwares and different approaches. Actually I tried too many ways to get sculpted geometry by parametric texturing (like on the walls, crystal bottle, bottle wicker or sword ornaments). Some of them may be look like primal but I can clearly say that it saved great amount time to not sculpting the detail but creating Substance materials of them. Also as a statistician, creating something with parameters and algorithms is the easiest and direct way for me. 

I learned how to handle massive scenes by controlling polygon count and texture loads because of the limitations of GPU rendering. 

One of the best achievemernt of this project was to move back and forth on different phases of the workflow and solve the problems without losing time. Like changing UVs after painting the model (reverse baking), modeling minimum geometry and create variations with same texture files without multiplying load on the memory etc.

So this is the end of this project. That was the great moment of my life to work on this Fan Art. Thanks for everyone that supported me while working on it.

All blog entries of the project:




4.Bottles - Part1

4.Bottles - Part2

4.Bottles - Part3

4.Bottles - Part4

5. Wood and Stone Works

6. Models Created So Far

7. Fireplace

8. Metalworks - Part1

8. Metalworks - Part2

9. "Paperworks"

10. Clay Bottles and Pots

Final Scene - https://www.artstation.com/artwork/wokn6 

Final Scene (Unreal Engine Version) - https://www.artstation.com/artwork/BqGa6 

Document of the whole making of - https://www.artstation.com/artwork/rkoxJ 

Elder Scrolls Chapter 2: Daggerfall - Still Life Project - 10. Clay Bottles and Pots

General / 30 January 2018

I created an adjustible clay material with Substance Designer for some additional clay pot and bottles. 

You can watch the adjustment steps by this video:

I imported this material to substance painter to paint variated objects:

Finally all assets are ready and imported to the scene for good. Now I'm rendering final shots of the scene and will render bunch of close-up shots to show details of these assets. I hope you'll like the result. I will share through my artstation page and create one final blog entry to cover up this project steps. 

See you soon!


Elder Scrolls Chapter 2: Daggerfall - Still Life Project - 9. "Paperworks"

General / 30 January 2018

Books and parchment work is completed. 

I created 3 different book and 4 additional book back for the shelf line. 

First book is a Daedra Summoning book which is very important in the game that you can get artifects by completing the quest given you by the specific Daedra you summon. Writing on the cover is created by the Daedric Font which can be found over internet. 

Second book is a populer book series in the game "Bioghraphy of Queen Barenziah" and the 3rd one is a nameless book but it has one specific mark on it. Mark of my favorite metal music band: Pentagram. 

After painting additional books backs, I tiled the books on the shelf and added geometric random color node the vary the color channel of the books.

Test renders are as follows:

Then I modeled letter and parchment scrolls with Modo and painted textures with Substance Painter. For the letter object, I copied the text of the first letter player receives in the game, which starts the main quest after player escapes from the first dungeon. The letter from Lady Brisienna.

So, I decided to sum up this project for the sake of the polygon count witch already reached up to 42 million polys and with the texture load it became very painful to load and render the scene with my humble computer. So i will add one final clay material and create bottles and pots through it. Then I will share the final renders after final touches. 

See you soon with the Clay entry!