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Modeling with Substance Designer (70s Console) 

This is a "made up" console design belongs to 70s. I used this design in my project "Scene from 70s" which is a collaboration project with Adobe.

This is the CAD modeling version of the console. There is also one version that I made by "height map modeling" within Substance Designer by procedural 2d maps. 

Youtube Playlist of the tutorial:

Procedural Height Map version (timelapse):

Procedural Height Map version (tutorial):

Article about the scene:

Artstation Page:


Modeling Sci-Fi Retro Electronics with Substance Designer

In the first part of this 8 hours tutorial, I will show you how to create hard surface geometry with procedural nodes of Substance Designer.  We will start by the easier monitor shape, and then go on with dialpad and phone part.

Youtube Playlist of the tutorial: