Old School PCB Board Painting with Substance Painter

Making Of / 20 juillet 2018

I'm creating a Sci-Fi electronic equipment with some retro electronic board which I painted with Substance Painter.

Here is a quick timelapse and a render in Octane. More is coming soon friends!


Modeling Commodore 64C Inside Out - Update 3

Making Of / 09 juin 2018

Final modeling timelapse which concludes CAD modeling phase. I'm going to complete the project after painting and rendering the product.

Hope to see you soon!

Modeling Commodore 64C Inside Out - Update 2

Making Of / 06 juin 2018


Modeling Commodore 64C - Update 1

Making Of / 04 juin 2018

Disassembly of my Commodore 64 computer.

Board map I grabbed from an FTP by google image search.

Simple parametric chip design to use on main board:

Modeling Timelapse 02:

Current modeling status:


Bonus: Strange capacitors!


Modeling QuickJoy II Turbo (SV-124) Joystick - Update 1

Making Of / 23 mai 2018

This video shows some plastic details of the model created so far. Hope you like it.

Modeling QuickJoy II Turbo (SV-124) Joystick

Making Of / 21 mai 2018

This is my first and favorite joystick back old Commodore 64 days.

I'm going to measure, model and render this product by all details inside and out, like plastic molding-wise details and assemblying, electronic boards, cables and mechanical micro switches. 

Photo of the product: