Firepad64 V3 - Cherry Buttons!

Making Of / 19 October 2020

I updated my Firepad64, a controller device which is used as joystick replacement for Commodore 64 and other compatible devices.

Firepad 64 has an adjustable autofire system and Arrow Key (or WASD) layout for easy to play classic games with classic devices.

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Firepad 64 version 1 had the more rough buttons and turn type autofire adjustment handle. 

You can check all the details about Version 1 by this post:

Firepad V2 was the same case design with linear adjusment handle and old-school click-type mitsui keyboard switches. I desoldered these switches from some mechanical keyboards that one of my friends Lutfi Öner gave me as a gift.

You can check some details about Version 2 by this link (blog post is Turkish).

And finally for best gameplay experience, I upgraded switch type with cherry buttons. For that buttons to be usable with my existing PCBs, I made an adapter board by using cheap prototyping boards. Because conductive legs of the cherry switches are not comply with my PCBs.

This is the single adapted switch for my firepad PCB.

Making these adapters and soldering the legs one by one is an overwhelming process, so I designed a PCB layout for that job. I didn't yet ordered the PCBs, so I'm not sure if they'll fit good. Until then, I will continue to make handmade adapters.

Hand made adapters work well too.

I even designed 3d printed custom keycaps!


After this progress, I wired some LEDs for keys. Because I can even use translucent keycaps with these lights now.

After this touches, I finally made some Red & Black concept with keycaps to make a resemblance with most of the joysticks of the era. Red tone of my 3d printing filament didn't match perfectly but it looks all right.

And photo time with my portable BMC and Quickjoy Turbo joystick!

Portable BMC64 -

Quickjoy Turbo Joystick -