Real-time Rain Material - Cafeteria Scene

I created a new scene for the rain material that I created previously. I also managed to improve the material this time.
I hope you like the results.

Gumroad links:
Unreal Engine Rain Material -
Substance Designer Material (Static) -

I took the chair and table from Modo content. Rest is modeled in Solidworks.

Cem tezcan highresscreenshot00011

Rain Material - Closeup - Unreal Engine

Rain Material - Cafeteria Scene

Rain Material on Unreal Engine Interface 2

Rain Material on Unreal Engine Interface

Cem tezcan highresscreenshot00009
Cem tezcan highresscreenshot00010
Cem tezcan highresscreenshot00012
Cem tezcan highresscreenshot00013
Cem tezcan highresscreenshot00014
Cem tezcan highresscreenshot00015

Procedural Water Drop Material Tweaks