Quickjoy II Turbo Joystick - Reverse Engineering


I modeled this joystick back from my good old childhood days which I play Commodore 64 games with. I decided to make this piece eternal by digitalizing all structure by CAD modeling and PBR texturing.

I tried my best to get all mathematical surface details, mechanical details, plastic molding structures and electronical details (in visualwise) as they are. I used calipers for measuring.
Softwares that I used:
CAD modeling: Solidworks
UV Unwrapping and mesh exporting: Modo
PBR Texturing: Substance Painter
Still Rendering: Octane Render
Animation Rendering: Marmoset Viewer

Assemblying Animation (Marmoset Viewer)

Board painting for Quickjoy Joystick Model

Quickjoy Joysitck Texture Lookup