(Tutorial) Height Map Modeling vs. CAD Modeling

I created a free tutorial about using height map channel to form an old school console which I also modeled by CAD modeling. I tried to achieve closest similarity by this two different modeling approaches.

1st approach is CAD modeling in Solidworks, UVing in Modo, and texturing in Substance Painter. Which tooks about 4 hours of total work.
2nd approach is creating all PBR map channels procedurally in Substance Designer by scratch. Including the height map to be used for tessellated displacement. It took about 3:30 hours. It may look faster but also consider that I was aware of the design on this second approach, which didn't take my time to decide "what to model".

This is the tutorial link on my Youtube channel:

70s Console CAD Timelapse (Solidworks & Substance Painter)

Modeling with Substance Designer (70s Console) - Timelapse

Tutorial Playlist (Part 1 to 5)