Pixel Art Embroidery Substance

This idea came from a friend, whose wife made a pixel art embroidery on a canvas and they framed it. So I decided to make that beautiful art on artificial way by procedurally.

This substance file is used for creating embroidery made on a canvas to create pixel arts by given pixel perfect 256 x 256 pixel images.

All you need to scale your image in 256 x 256 resolution by not using any filtering on process (your image should stay as pixel perfect structure). Please check the downscaling comparison image I attached.

Available for free at my store:

Cem tezcan render01
Cem tezcan cover
Cem tezcan 008

Pixel Art Embroidery Substance - Usage Timelapse

Pixel Art Embroidery Substance - Making-of Timelapse

Cem tezcan 005
Cem tezcan 006
Cem tezcan 002
Cem tezcan 001
Cem tezcan 009
Cem tezcan 011
Cem tezcan 003
Cem tezcan 007
Cem tezcan 004
Cem tezcan 010
Cem tezcan pixel perfect