TES2 - Daggerfall Fan Art Blog Documentation

I added bunch of blog entries when building the fan art scene of my favorite game Daggerfall a while ago. I decided to make 85 pages PDF document for the people who wants to see the process offline which is more preferable in boring bathroom times.

You can download 2 types of same document. One is clean and printable version, other one is in similar form to the game's logbook font and background which is more atmospheric for me.

Hope you like them. All the best!

Daggerfall Logbook Style

Clean Printable Version

Blog Entries

P.S. sadly, GIF files, 3d viewers and youtube videos are not supported within the document.

Cem tezcan pages

6 of 85 Pages

Cem tezcan screenshot20180126 001

Game reference of document template

Cem tezcan f006
Cem tezcan f011
Cem tezcan fc006
Cem tezcan fc013
Cem tezcan fc016