Substance Designer - Fully Procedural Commodore 1702

For practice and fun purposes, I created fully procedural Commodore 1702 monitor by using Substance Designer. It's even very close to the one I modeled for days with Solidworks!

I combined this with previous procedural C64 substance and made a set with 2 planes and rendered in Marmoset Toolbag.

Hope you like it!

Fully Procedural Commodore 1702 Monitor Substance

Cem tezcan screenshot021
Cem tezcan screenshot20190224 005
Cem tezcan 0002
Cem tezcan 0001
Cem tezcan screenshot015
Cem tezcan screenshot20190224 003
Cem tezcan screenshot20190224 004
Cem tezcan screenshot016
Cem tezcan screenshot011
Cem tezcan screenshot012
Cem tezcan screenshot018
Cem tezcan screenshot017
Cem tezcan screenshot020
Cem tezcan screenshot013