Railroad - Procedural Texturing

I've tested my wooden plank and gravel pbr materials which I made with substance deisgner on a quick scene setup. Textures are all parametrically differentiable, tileable and procedural. I hope you like it.

Cem tezcan modo animation00004
Cem tezcan modo animation00001
Cem tezcan modo animation00000
Cem tezcan modo animation00003
Cem tezcan modo animation00006
Cem tezcan modo animation00005
Cem tezcan modo animation00002
Cem tezcan screenshot20170405 001
Cem tezcan screenshot20170409 001
Cem tezcan screenshot20170409 002
Cem tezcan screenshot20170409 003
Cem tezcan screenshot20170409 004