Alien Egg - Substance - PBR Material

I created a fully procedural alien egg material with Substance Designer with an extraordinary approach. First I created one side of the egg and used a "shape mapper node" to tile the texture in a spherical style by 4 to use on my simple semispheric UVed egg mesh.

It fit good to use on my previous procedural Derelict Spaceship Wall material.

Hope you like it.

Cem tezcan 02
Cem tezcan 01
Cem tezcan 03

Alien Egg - Substance - Turntable

Cem tezcan screenshot000

Marmoset Viewer

Cem tezcan screenshot20180304 008
Cem tezcan shape mapper
Cem tezcan screenshot20180304 006
Cem tezcan screenshot20180304 007
Cem tezcan channels