Substance Designer Floppy Disk

This is another trial on "substance designer modeling". This fully procedural substance can be applied to any planes faced back to each other to form a 3.5" Floppy Disk by using tessellated displacement.

Considering Substances that require highly tessellated geometry with height maps like this one, I see too many people asking about 'where do we use those expensive solutions on real-time pipeline?' Well, this kind of texture controlled geometric designs can be baked as 3d mesh first and re-topoed (or auto re-topoed) afterwards to take part on your realtime scenes. I made a trial with freezing displacement with modo and using decimation master of Zbrush to reduce that model to 7k polys which is not expensive as a highly tesselated geometry (please see marmoset viewer version). At the end I have an highly randomizable and various results by using same substance by height independent.

SBSAR file can be downloaded free by this link:

Hope you like it!

Cem tezcan screenshot000
Cem tezcan screenshot001
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Cem tezcan ezgif 5 e166bcf556
Cem tezcan ezgif 5 68eb034df3

Floppy Disk Substance - Material Tweaks

Cem tezcan screenshot20180927 003

Hi-poly Displacement Bake

Cem tezcan screenshot20180927 005

Mid-Poly Decimated Mesh

Cem tezcan front ambientocclusion
Cem tezcan back ambientocclusion