Commodore SX-64 / DX-64 Product Modeling

I modeled this piece by hobby purposes. This is a portable executive version of Commodore 64 computer with integrated 5" CRT screen, released by Commodore in 1984 which I found very innovative and compact looking design ahead of its time.

DX models planned to have two floppy drives as they look on my renders but that version has never released. On SX (single floppy) models, location of the top floppy drive is just used as a empty storage shelf. Some experts on the internet made DX version come to life by attaching second floppy drive to the upper part.

I modeled by looking through the photos of the product (it's expensive and hard to find product). I had 3 different dimensional references.
- Case height, width and length from wikipedia
- 5.25" Floppy place
- 5" CRT screen
By taking those into account, I modeled the rest by distance estimation over photos.

This is the TV ad of the product:

Cem tezcan csx64 00008
Cem tezcan csx64 00009
Cem tezcan csx64 00014
Cem tezcan csx64 00006
Cem tezcan csx64 00005
Cem tezcan csx64 00010
Cem tezcan csx64 00007
Cem tezcan csx64 00004
Cem tezcan csx64 00000
Cem tezcan csx64 00003
Cem tezcan csx64 00011
Cem tezcan csx64 00012
Cem tezcan csx64 00013
Cem tezcan csx64 00002
Cem tezcan genel montaj for drawing page 1
Cem tezcan genel montaj for drawing page 2
Cem tezcan genel montaj for drawing page 3
Cem tezcan screenshot20190111 004