Height Map Modeling with Substance Designer - Asus P535

Hello, this time I created the same geometry with procedural nodes of Subtance Designer. YOu can see both CAD version and the heightmap version right by side for comparison.

I had made the CAD version by taking measures with calipers, but this time I created the procedural version by estimation of the shapes, so there may be some differences.

As a comparison of elapsed time of creation:

CAD modeling in Solidworks (with measuring original device): 4h 17m
UV & Texturing CAD model in Substance Painter: ~ 4h
Total ~8 hours of work

Height map modeling with Substance Designer (also includes texturing): 6h 37m

CAD version of the same device:

Model Comparison - CAD Modeling vs. Height Map Modeling

Making of Timelapse - Height map modeling of Asus P535