Elder Scrolls Chapter 2: Daggerfall - Still Life Project - 1.Introduction

General / 05 January 2018

Let me write about this game of Bethesda for the people who didn't have a chance to meet with in 90's. 

Daggerfall is the second sequel of the Elder Scrolls series which is really much like to the Ultima series except 1st person play style. Also this game is the predecessor of the mostly known follow up named Skyrim.

When it is released on 1996, we couldn't able to play it for a while because even starting a game by creating a character was very hard including us learning English as a start those days (well I'm still learning English :). Also when you create your character, you start to a game in a dungeon which looks more like a maze. We were on a mission for Emperor and our ship is wrecked by a storm, and we end up in a dungeon.

But after playing for at least 2 hours in this dungeon and when my hope dropped to ground on this game as a bad first person shooter, suddenly I found the exit and go outside. Well, this was the rare moment when a PC game amazed me that much. It was snowing outside, my footsteps are creating sqeezed snow sounds, and most amazing thing is I can go anywhere I want. 

After discovering map screen, It was obvious that there was a whole world of Tamriel was open for us. So the adventure began. Game has huge features for 22 years back. Very entertaining, most of all leaves the imagination work to you. So the scenerio is how you play and connect the dots (pixels) here. 

I decided to create a still life scene by using this very old game's conceptual approaches. I know following games (Morrowind, Oblivion and Skyrim) have more clean 3d designs and realizable concepts than this 320 x 240 pixels game but I purposely decided to create all objects and spirit of my project by getting minimal data from a game and show how I realize the world of Daggerfall both 22 years before and now.

I also want to dumb some more data about the game:

See you soon with scene and model creation processes. Farewell!