Elder Scrolls Chapter 2: Daggerfall - Still Life Project - 4.Bottles - Part1

General / 07 January 2018

I suppose bottles are the mostly used accessories on still life setups. But they have more special meaning for FRP games: Wines, Potions and Elixirs of course.

I completed one of the bottle approach for holding wine, by modeling a bottle and wrap it with twine. Twine and sacks are creating very old and mediaval sense to me. So for the sake of making this project more like r&d to my workflows, I decided to create twine material as a procedural substance.

After applying the texture, I created fur material to make the twine more realistic for close-up shots.

Both modeling bottle and designing twine material timelapses can be found on this video:

And of course here is the low sample test renders of the created assets.

Next step will be varying this bottle more by color and size changes and do more glass work for potions and tubes. Good bye!