Tapecart SD Case Design

Making Of / 04 February 2020

I know this is not an "art" but I love the process of this kind of "homemade" products. 

TapeCart is another retro device. which is developed for Commodore 64 to flash instant data to Commodore's memory by datasette port. This port was used to load programs or games by tape cassettes through devices named as "datasettes". But tape reading process was taking too much time more than 10 minutes sometimes to load just one level of a game.

This uses same interface but by an arduino it gets rid of the motor and tape waiting constraints. You can find additional information by this links:

This case is designed for the PCB design of Tapecart SD device that made by Metallic.

Tapecart SD Project page:


Tapecart SD device by Metallic (Turkish):



Anyway, this is a DIY project but I bought this device from another person that assembles and I love it. Then I decided to design and print a case for it.

This is the modeling timelapse of the case design. First I'm modeling the blockout of the electronic part by taking measurements by calipers. This is vital to see the places where inside clearance is needed. Then I make a shell over it.

Some sketch-like renders:

After modeling, I 3d printed the parts with my Ender 3 printer and finally I make the assembly by 4 screws. I fits like a charm :)

PCB board of the device I made the case for is designed by a Turkish friend (Metallic). He didn't share the PCB yet, but if he will, I will update the page.

My 3d model is available by this link: https://www.thingiverse.com/thing:4145118