Elder Scrolls Chapter 2: Daggerfall - Still Life Project - 4.Bottles - Part3

General / 11 January 2018

While trying to get some ornament patterns with mathematical functions (I still didn't achieved any acceptible progress anyway), I get into creating some wicker pattern with Substance Designer. I wanted to use this material on new bottles and wanted to create a basket with it. Wickers has very common use on these areas. So, why not?

Material design took almost 1 day. But it was really great to have this material. I know, it is done by too many artists already (click here to see), but I didn't get into any tutorials or artists' projects because of to create a unique one. By judging to my final result I can say that it is unique but not the best. Regarding to one of my favorite Substance Designer users, Peter Sekula had created the ultimate one, I suppose :)

Luckily my version has a paint feature as it is a first on this material. This video shows the parameter changes and effects of the material.

Hope you like it. See you soon!

Some screenshots, and low sampled test renders...