Elder Scrolls Chapter 2: Daggerfall - Still Life Project - 8. Metalworks - Part2

General / 26 January 2018


Welcome to the 2.nd part of metal works on Daggerfall Still Life Project. I will share the modeling and texturing details of the following objects:

  • Mug and cup
  • Letter holder
  • Dagger

a. Mug and Cup

As I modeled barrels earlier It would be nice to add some Mug and Cup to the scene, especially for the wine barrel on the left side of the table. I used Modo and Substance Painter.

b. Letter Holding Case

This model has a huge importance for the scene. Because I will add a letter (guess which letter!) to the table which is holding the main focus of the final scene. This holding case has some brass inlaid ornaments on it. Which I created by the Turkish ornament figures from the book of Hüsnü Züber. This letter case is carried by Imperial Courier's to deliver certain messages of the royal family to the concernees.

3. Dagger

This was the best part of the project. Because knowing these items from all FRP games, I wasn't aware of how a good dagger should be made by. I ended up with too many trial & errors on this one but finally get the result I want in almost 7 hours total. 

I can clearly say that my model geometry was very weak on detail but Substance Painter saved my butt there because on the grip of the dagger, It was great to control such layers with maskes and filters like we do on Substance Designer. Such a flexibility on a painting software is surprised me!

I love the shine on the dagger. These test renders are the most interesting ones I suppose:

I hope you like it.

Here is the road map so far:

  1. Coins (done)
  2. Candles (done)
  3. Bottles (done)
  4. Wood and Stone Works (done)
  5. Metal Works (done)
  6. Paper Works
  7. Cloth Works
  8. Clay Works (Final Bonus)
  9. Finalizing scene setup, object placements and lighting

I hope this will end well :)