Elder Scrolls Chapter 2: Daggerfall - Still Life Project - 6. Models Created So Far

General / 19 January 2018

Finally I combined whole models to get test renders by a quick setup. Here are the results for the approximate route I want to follow on this project. I will create one more stonework: fireplace!! This will be the most interesting part of the project because I want to create the fireplace as a one Substance. 

After the fireplace, I will be on the metalworks. Will share the updates as soon as I model and paint the following objects (list may be expand):

  • Letter holder tube
  • An iron dagger
  • A lantern/lamp
  • Candle stick or chandelier (this word still reminds the TV series "Friends"!)
  • Goblet

Hope you like these test renders. I'm getting excited more and more each day I work on this project!