Elder Scrolls Chapter 2: Daggerfall - Still Life Project - 6. Models Created So Far

19 January 2018

Finally I combined whole models to get test renders by a quick setup. Here are the results for the approximate route I want to follow on this project. I will create one more stonework: fireplace!! This will be the most interesting part of the project because I want to create the fireplace as a one Substance. 

After the fireplace, I will be on the metalworks. Will share the updates as soon as I model and paint the following objects (list may be expand):

  • Letter holder tube
  • An iron dagger
  • A lantern/lamp
  • Candle stick or chandelier (this word still reminds the TV series "Friends"!)
  • Goblet

Hope you like these test renders. I'm getting excited more and more each day I work on this project!

Elder Scrolls Chapter 2: Daggerfall - Still Life Project - 5. Wood and Stone Works

18 January 2018

I created wood and stone substances to mimic Daggerfall ambient a bit further. I mostly inspired from the game textures and sprites I spot on the game. Here are some of them:

For most of the wood work, I used my previous wood Substance that I created for Railroad project. This time I have tweaked some color and wood texture setings. Finally I used these combinations on Barrels and Table models.

Stone wall texture was hard to create for me. I didn't like the whole stone patterns I get, by combining different procedural patterns. Finalley I made some progress and get acceptible results. Also I blended same wood plank material between the stone tiles.

I consider this phase as a 50 percent of this project. After these models, my next step is to create some specific metal work. I will update this blog but before doing that, I'm going to combine the models and textures I created so far to get some test renders and share them with you. This attempt will form some part of my final scene. 

See you, then.


Elder Scrolls Chapter 2: Daggerfall - Still Life Project - 4.Bottles - Part4

15 January 2018

One last addition to the bottles of this project is the cut crystal glass potion bottles which holds expensive potions on most FRP universes. 

These glasses mostly produced as tea glasses, whiskey bottles etc. 

I created the material in Substance Designer as fully procedural, tileable and in 4k resolution. I used circular splatter node often and created checker tiled textures over it.

I created one another bottle shape, UVd in Modo and painted the texture with Substance Painter. I created some roughness and opacity changes through height information using new anchor technology and finally exported the textures.

Using textures on Octane Override materials in Modo, I created the dispersion effects and overal displacement and opacity controls. After providing acceptible results I get the following renders. 

Because of these are just test renders, I hold the sampling level low to save time. Sorry for the grainy results. 

Hope you like it. Good bye!

Elder Scrolls Chapter 2: Daggerfall - Still Life Project - 4.Bottles - Part3

11 January 2018

While trying to get some ornament patterns with mathematical functions (I still didn't achieved any acceptible progress anyway), I get into creating some wicker pattern with Substance Designer. I wanted to use this material on new bottles and wanted to create a basket with it. Wickers has very common use on these areas. So, why not?

Material design took almost 1 day. But it was really great to have this material. I know, it is done by too many artists already (click here to see), but I didn't get into any tutorials or artists' projects because of to create a unique one. By judging to my final result I can say that it is unique but not the best. Regarding to one of my favorite Substance Designer users, Peter Sekula had created the ultimate one, I suppose :)

Luckily my version has a paint feature as it is a first on this material. This video shows the parameter changes and effects of the material.

Hope you like it. See you soon!

Some screenshots, and low sampled test renders...

Elder Scrolls Chapter 2: Daggerfall - Still Life Project - 4.Bottles - Part2

08 January 2018

Hello again. Here are some additional bottles I created. One is for water and others are alchemy related bottles.

Creating water drops, some custom crystal shapes, cracks and dust over the bottles are the most exciting thing I do with refractive materials for a long time. Result is convincing for a start.

As I mentioned before, I want this project to stretch my regular workflows. So I want to model or design things by extraordinary, educative ways for me. So my next update may take a while. Because next, I want to create ornament shapes by math driven functions, at least I will give it a 2 days of try. If I get acceptible results I will share them without waiting :) Thanks for reading.

Elder Scrolls Chapter 2: Daggerfall - Still Life Project - 4.Bottles - Part1

07 January 2018

I suppose bottles are the mostly used accessories on still life setups. But they have more special meaning for FRP games: Wines, Potions and Elixirs of course.

I completed one of the bottle approach for holding wine, by modeling a bottle and wrap it with twine. Twine and sacks are creating very old and mediaval sense to me. So for the sake of making this project more like r&d to my workflows, I decided to create twine material as a procedural substance.

After applying the texture, I created fur material to make the twine more realistic for close-up shots.

Both modeling bottle and designing twine material timelapses can be found on this video:

And of course here is the low sample test renders of the created assets.

Next step will be varying this bottle more by color and size changes and do more glass work for potions and tubes. Good bye!

Elder Scrolls Chapter 2: Daggerfall - Still Life Project - 3.Candles

07 January 2018
After creating coins, I decided to model some candles. Because candles, fireplaces and torches are one of the best atmospheric icons of the game. 
 I made up a different workflow for this subject. Instead of sculpting random melted wax, I created a parametric tileable texture set to use on candle models. Substance designer is the best solution for this kind of subjects.

After texture set is done, I painted it with Substance Painter. I made this PBR material as only tileable horizontally and it fit well on cylindrical surfaces.

Next part was to create realistic SSS and candle flame effects. Well, SSS was easy to handle with my textures but flame was the hardest part. Finally I find a way by multiplying and mixing bunch of falloff nodes in Octane Render. And result was pretty convincing for me.

Especially I love the feeling when soft light of candles fell on the gold coins. 

So candle creation is determined like this. After all items done, I will consider the setup of the scene and decide that what kind of candle, candlestick or candlestand is ideal for the scene.

Elder Scrolls Chapter 2: Daggerfall - Still Life Project - 2.Coins

05 January 2018

I created a huge list of objects I wanted to be on the scene. First item of the list is the coins. I wanted to create a gold coin for this project. 


An engraving of Uriel Septim VII (Pocket Guide to the Empire, 3rd Edition)
Daggerfall Logo

After some 2D tweaks, I managed to create some Height Maps from these images (using Paint Shop Pro btw).

Modeling and UV process didn't took so long with Modo. You can see my coin modeling timelapse video below.

By using these height maps, I created a material with Substance Designer. Micro Details feature is amazing by the way. It reads your height map painting data and creates adjustible dirt on it. So I created an old looking gold material.

Realtime model

Finally I ran some physics simulation on Modo and rendered the coins with Octane Render. Result is not bad at all.

Elder Scrolls Chapter 2: Daggerfall - Still Life Project - 1.Introduction

05 January 2018

Let me write about this game of Bethesda for the people who didn't have a chance to meet with in 90's. 

Daggerfall is the second sequel of the Elder Scrolls series which is really much like to the Ultima series except 1st person play style. Also this game is the predecessor of the mostly known follow up named Skyrim.

When it is released on 1996, we couldn't able to play it for a while because even starting a game by creating a character was very hard including us learning English as a start those days (well I'm still learning English :). Also when you create your character, you start to a game in a dungeon which looks more like a maze. We were on a mission for Emperor and our ship is wrecked by a storm, and we end up in a dungeon.

But after playing for at least 2 hours in this dungeon and when my hope dropped to ground on this game as a bad first person shooter, suddenly I found the exit and go outside. Well, this was the rare moment when a PC game amazed me that much. It was snowing outside, my footsteps are creating sqeezed snow sounds, and most amazing thing is I can go anywhere I want. 

After discovering map screen, It was obvious that there was a whole world of Tamriel was open for us. So the adventure began. Game has huge features for 22 years back. Very entertaining, most of all leaves the imagination work to you. So the scenerio is how you play and connect the dots (pixels) here. 

I decided to create a still life scene by using this very old game's conceptual approaches. I know following games (Morrowind, Oblivion and Skyrim) have more clean 3d designs and realizable concepts than this 320 x 240 pixels game but I purposely decided to create all objects and spirit of my project by getting minimal data from a game and show how I realize the world of Daggerfall both 22 years before and now.

I also want to dumb some more data about the game:

See you soon with scene and model creation processes. Farewell!